About Us

Who are we? FUSION is a networking group that was developed in 2004 for engaged, civic-minded young professionals that are a part of the “ live, work, play” concept in the Greater Saint John region.  As a group, we are committed to working towards the improvement of our community through the engagement of our 19-40 year old demographic.

FUSION serves as a catalyst for engagement through networking, partnerships, volunteering opportunities and social events.  We are a leader in the movement dedicated to making our community the premier place to work, live and play by:

  • connecting people through events, volunteering, or networking opportunities;
  • providing a voice to the under 40 demographic within our community;
  • encouraging our target demographic to get involved and to work toward the betterment of their community and;
  • helping to instill a sense of pride, belonging and connection to Saint John, and the surrounding area.

We believe it’s harder to leave when you are engaged, invested and connected to the community in which you live!

Values? Our Values are a source of pride that we recognize as central to FUSION:

We are inclusive and promote diversity of thought, people, and ideas. We are proud of our history and look to the future needs of our community. We engage the youth of our community and region to promote and create opportunity.

Mission? Our Mission is to provide a voice for engaged, civic-minded youth who are working toward the betterment of our community.

We will provide meaningful opportunities for engagement through networking, partnerships, volunteering, and events.  Our members will have the opportunity to contribute positively to the development of both themselves and our community. We are committed to working collaboratively with our partners, community organizations, and leaders to address the issues and opportunities of our community today and tomorrow.

Our aim is to be the first stop for youth to engage in our community and for organizations to consult as it relates to the attraction and retention of skilled young people to our community.